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"Where have you been all my life!
Victoria is by far the best massage therapist I've had in my 53 years. She intuitively zero's in on the key areas and uses amazing technique to work through the issues.
A.F. Petaluma

 “Victoria Barrett has a genuine sixth sense about what your body needs. She is absolutely the most effective and intuitive massage therapist I have ever gone to....a true healer who exudes an abundance of strength and compassion through her hands!”- S.B. San Francisco

"Victoria not only gives a deeply relaxing and healing massage, she radiates acceptance, warmth, and compassion for whatever I may discuss with her, truly never judging. She creates an atmosphere of supreme comfort and safety and no detail is left unattended – from the soft, sensuous sheets and beautiful scented oils to her knowing, compassionate touch. Also, I have many skin sensitivities, and Victoria is very careful to use only the purest oils and products. I am very grateful to have found Victoria as my massage therapist, and I eagerly anticipate each session with her!" -T. H. Petaluma
"The compassion Victoria communicates through her touch has been the gateway for self-care for me; leading me to a better understanding of what I need physically, emotionally, and spiritually."
-N.D. San Francisco

"I embarked on my Mayan Massage journey with Victoria to help alleviate period cramps and prepare my uterus for conception. The Mayan massage improved my period cramps dramatically. I no longer felt nauseous or had to take medicine to cope with the discomfort or pain from the cramps. In the first Mayan appointment I loved that Victoria educates you on your uterus and other female parts. She was great at explaining and going through the massage steps for me to continue performing the massage at home. I am so happy I chose to do the Mayan Massage and I now am 24 weeks pregnant, expecting a baby boy this summer. Victoria is not only amazing at what she does, she is a great listener and awesome person"
-S.F. Petaluma

"Victoria's healing touch is remarkable! I came to see her after I pulled out my neck and shoulder, I was in a lot of pain. She had a sensitive touch to know exactly the areas that were causing my discomfort and how to ease the spasms. The massage I received from Victoria was not only healing from head to toe, but she was also able to make some suggestions specifically for me at work so I didn't continue to injure myself. The follow up phone call I received that next day to see how I was feeling, made it clear that Victoria is dedicated to her clients continued well being. I would recommend her in a heart beat!"
- J.D. Petaluma

"I have been receiving bodywork from Victoria for over 10 years now. She has seen my body through two pregnancies, various ailments, and intensely stressful circumstances. Victoria is undoubtedly a true healer. She is naturally intuitive and is constantly striving to deepen her knowledge of the human body.
Her commitment to her clients is amazing.
We began working together through massage and I now receive regular facials as well. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. The products she uses are utterly and literally yummy-  honey macadamia mask, blueberry exfoliant, just to name a few. Her facials are relaxing and therapeutic, just like her massages.
Victoria is an incredibly gifted and intuitive therapist. I highly recommend her."
-P. W. Oakland

"Imagine getting 10 hours of sleep, soaking up the spring sun, and enjoying the most refreshing and satisfying meal you've ever had. That's how you feel after a massage with Victoria -- a therapist with infinite skill and infinite kindness." -S. E. San Francisco

An Exemplary Massage! I went in to see Victoria with incredibly sore and locked up shoulders with neck pain among other places of unease in my body. She truly gave me one of the best massages I've ever received and I left her office feeling light, relaxed and with my shoulder and neck feeling more loose and at ease than I remember them feeling in years. Her attentiveness, skilled, firm touch and use of hot stones felt magical and indulgent and has left me to find a way to fix regular massage sessions into our budget. C.S. Petaluma

Victoria is currently not taking new clients
(with the exception of Maya Abdominal Massage Clients).
Please book online if you are an already established client.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
To book your appointment 
call: (415) 264-7508
or book online

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